Jupiter Webinar: Climate Data Matters

High-quality climate data is crucial to predicting climate impacts. See how these differentiators support your organization.

Climate dangers are all around us, from heatwaves in Northern Europe to fires in Portugal to drenching tropical cyclones in New York. These weather and natural disasters frequently halt supply chains, trigger power outages, and disrupt companies’ bottom lines.

It’s no wonder that firms are increasingly looking to understand how climate change will affect them. As firms hunt for climate data, they’ll discover an increasingly crowded field of providers and a wide range of quality. What should firms be looking for?

In Jupiter’s September 27 webinar:

  • You will hear directly from Jupiter’s climate scientists about the models and techniques that separate high-quality climate projections from the rest.
  • You’ll become conversant on the key differentiators and best practices in climate modeling.
  • You’ll be better prepared to decide which metrics you’ll bring into your organization.

We will also have a lively Q&A moderated by Jupiter’s Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Josh Hacker.

Join us to have your questions answered and learn more about why using the right climate data is crucial to predicting climate impact for your organization.

September 27, 2022

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September 27, 2022 | 9AM - 10AM PDT


Join company climate experts to get the details.

Meghan Purdy

Lead Climate
Product Manager

Luke Madaus

Principal Scientist & Senior Manager. Global Climate R&D

Josh Hacker

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer (Moderator)